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For those of you who didnt know... [16 Apr 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | blah ]

title or description

I might add you, if you're worthy.

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Tear for me [14 Apr 2004|03:01pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

I haven't cried in a while, until today.
I got a 52 on my biology test. No more ice cream parties for me at 2:00 in the morning.
That brings the old average to a 67. Thats a fucking D. The next test is accumulative, you can imagine how scared I am. 76 is average if I make a 100. This is my goal. Nobody talk to me until May 14th has roled on by. I will be in a dark hole until then. If I can make a C my life will be normal, not good, but normal.

Advise for the day:
*** Only post supportive, uplifting comments and never take Biology EVER****

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I got my Pilot Radio CD today! [13 Apr 2004|03:11pm]
[ mood | studying ]

I don't have to go to school Thursday, which is a well deserved reward for all the studying that has been going down in my head for tomorrows HUGE test:
prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telephase/cytokinesis... I remember it because it spells PP MAT. That is how my mind works. LAME.

Katie: banquet tonight, free food for you and me:) You have to come 7:00 on the dot.... wear skirt or "sunday clothes."

I know someone that was on Family Double Dare on Nickelodeon hosted by Mark Summers:) FUNNY, I laughed for a good 3 minutes about that one.

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It kinda leaves an after taste of the Beatles in your ears -- Ollie Baron [12 Apr 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | touched ]

So far today... mucho bueno for really just one reason.
If someone kisses you in public, does that mean that they are exclusively with you, like one step before boyfriend maybe? Either way, super cute the first in public kiss are.
Ollie is so weird, but in a good way. He said that everyone has a "script" that they live by. Like mine is art and music. Some people live by math, others by history... do you get the idea? Kinda like what makes you happy, but i never really thought of something you enjoy as a script or a theme if you will. Its hard to explain.
He also has another philosophy that everyone's entire life revolves around getting off... like eating, drinking, sex, learning, etc. But when you die, he looks at it as the ultimate getting off experience and that is the grande finale. I hope hes next to me when I am on my death bed.

Kill Bill Vol. 1- tues (i think)
Kill Bill Vol. 2- Friday
Buy victoria's secret panties= free Bob Dylan CD (like the whole CD, not just 2 songs). Buy many items seperately and get many bob cds all over the place!


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Decisions, decisions [11 Apr 2004|06:01pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Happy Easter everyone:) Sara, I had fun with you last night:) We should hang out more often.
1. Not moving home for summer, lo siento, but this place makes me depressed. "People have too many friends here and it is not so close knitted"
2. closed the deal for Italy last night... if you know anything about italy tell me everything I need to know... I am flying into Rome, but my options are endless... $600 dollars spending money per person... nice:)
3. 2 jobs: Darque Tan, Movie Theatre, World Market, Kyoto, I don't know what to do really (not Sonic)
4. must study and finish paper that is due tomorrow
5. Figure out how to NOT sound psycho when telling dude how I really feel and make him feel the same way. Does anyone have any spells or hypnotizing gear?

I threw up last night... that is disgusting. I thought I was a baller... not one.

--noobitron noobster noobified (my first, middle and last name)


What is this? A center for ants?!?!? It must be at least three times this big. [10 Apr 2004|11:59am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Homework day!
I have to go take some family pictures at 2:00.
I HAVE to finish the paper at least by then end of today.
Ollie is taking dan and i home tomorrow.
The only thing cool about the damn summer is the vacationing. I don't want to work and I don't want to come back to shitty ass austin. Last night has proven to me that Austin is and always will be hell for me. When I turn 21, then maybe it will be more fun, but til then.... NO.
I started my period today. VERY early. Why? that explains the pimples.
I ate at evangelese with Fam and Zach (clares friend). Hes funny.

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If you shoot me in your fucking dreams, you better wake up and apologize.- Reservoir Dogs [09 Apr 2004|04:56pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Lots of stuff happened last night.
I met a new boy... Justin (Marks friend).
And Erik called LATE at night (cause thats when he gets off of work) and cancelled on my ass to hang out with his dumb sister that just flew into town. I don't believe him, but whatev, hes not my boyfriend.
Mark, I don't know what to tell you. Sorry about you and Katie breaking up. I think we do have a lot in common, but regaurdless, not cool and I don't appreciate the situation to say the least.
We went to the Sevenfold show and then the after party. FUN! I had fun. That Justin guy was like my little date for the night. I don't REALLY want a boyfriend, I just want someone to spoon me and cuddle and massage my back (cause it always hurts) and do EVERYTHING with me, but no fights or unhappiness, which tend to come with the territory. Okay, so I want a stupid boyfriend.
I hitched a ride to Austin with Daniel and we broke down. Nerds.
Oh yeah and I think I am psychic and horoscopes are ALWAYS right for me. Its starting to make me believe in destiny.

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Is that a Hemi? You 'bout to find out. [08 Apr 2004|10:39am]
[ mood | blank ]

My mom came, Erik met her, that was weird. Well, NOW we will see if he calls again. We ate at Johnny Carino's and then had a couple of drinkies. I burned a new CD and we went to my stupid NHS inductions. *pushes up black framed glasses wrapped with white tape* I got my car fixed, so Katie, we can go in my car tonight:) Finally. Today is study day until the night falls. I have been looking foward to this show for centuries.

So Mark, we have to have a talk. I really don't know how to put this the right way, but ever since you came on the scene, i have spent zero time with Katie without you around. I think you're great and fun to hang out with, but I really just want to talk girl stuff with Katie once in a while and that constant "you're the third wheel" feeling tends to get increasingly annoying.
So please, just for one night, let me have Katie tonight, please.

Ah, oh no, I forgot, my horoscope says that I am going to be irratible and disruptive. Oh no, I will have to take a chill pill before I go out tonight. And it says plans will be screwed up.... I sense that the "plans" will be the after party or the after-after party with Eric. Either way, we will just have to make the most of it.

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PROVED! <-- shea, we made up a new word to replace owned [06 Apr 2004|12:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

Things to do tomorrow:
1. Study! Stop proctrastinating
2. Tan
3. Stop eating forever and try to live off of water as long as possible. I think Siddhartha did that. That is one of the most life effecting books that I have ever read.

Guys, I have a paper to write this weekend and a HUGE biology test to study for, i might not be able to hang out as much as i would like. Not too much drinking for me this weekend. I am gonna try to at least get one out of the way before the weekend.

Fucking Kill Bill for Easter, nice. My mom thought of that one. Shes so smart:)

How am I going to pay my credit card bill with no money in the bank?

Why do I trust people, they're fucking liars.

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I was trying to shut him up, like Lenny with the mouse from Of Mice and Men [05 Apr 2004|11:00am]
[ mood | giddy ]

So he called. Yeah! I'm psyched. Thats the worst part... waiting for the dude to call after yall have hung out.

Katie, who are you talking about with the hating?
I bought the Pilot-Radio cd last night just to see what they sound like. I listened to him sing, so it can't be too bad.

I ate pizza with dan and watched the mother fucking sapranos! Hells yeah, that show is the shit and this episode was VERY spectacular. No one died though:( I like how if you just get up to go pee, a main character could just die. Its very captivating.

I get to see my momma and get my car fixed... and I get an easter present on wed. And then I come home for Easter and get to see my sister whom I miss dearly.

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Smitten Kitten [04 Apr 2004|12:33pm]
[ mood | Happiest girl in the world ]

Thats me, fucking smitten kitten. Totally smitten.
Thats all I will say. Call for details.

Chilifest= rain, then WAY too hot and then finally, nice shady great weather. Nasty chili though. It tasted like wood chips and BBQ smoke. Not good. Our team was so not a good as team.

Last night, best night that I have had in like a couple of years. Happiest girl in the whole world... it won't last long I don't think, the mood i mean.

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Jonathan -ia (hes hot) [02 Apr 2004|02:52pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

so its official... ellen and kt have a date with just each other to go and see Sevenfold. We rule all and the after party. and kt, i don't have the nhs thingy on thursday... i was wrong its on Wed.

I am going to Chilifest... wish me luck... i hope it starts raining and we all have to go home or i hope that its really fun. I don't see either happening.

I saw that Erik guy at Mad Hatters last night and UNFORTUNATELY Big Fat Brenna was there too. WTF? Who invited her to leave her house, mystery to me? Her new boy toy is really ugly:) Normally I wouldn't care that i saw her, but this time she mad dogged the shit out of me. One phrase for her:
Who took and lost their virginity to him? ME.
Who just got their virginity stolen? Her.

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I'm gonna go eat worms [01 Apr 2004|12:36pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i hate those stupid little green worms or catapillars that hang from the trees EVERYWHERE. They make me feel like they are always all over me. I am constantly itching after i go outside.

Jared, louie and Mark were in class today, where were you? please refer to a telephone and call, i have some errands that we need to accomplish together bc you are the pro at them.

What is going on tonight people? I have no plans except study and that shouldn't take all night long. i hope.

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Katie, how do i get a boyfriend? Answer: Stop wanting one. [31 Mar 2004|10:54am]
[ mood | Bad mood ]

So, nothing has happened at all.

I just listen to music in my apartment. Thats all. Stop making fun of my paintings shit logs.

Shea, are you like the damn critiquer for all of my ljs. My bad that i don't fucking spell check my shit.

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These are Ellen's paintings. [29 Mar 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Merman pop, Merman

Merman Pop, Merman!

this ones Paiges Guesha

This one is Paiges Guesha

Dan&apos;s guitar

Dan's Guitar

No Smoking Shea

No Smoking Shea

Alex&apos;s copied painting, but I love it

Alex's copied painting, but i love it!

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Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. [29 Mar 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Nothing has happened today. BORED! I have to really get a head start on next week, because its going to be hell on Earth!
Yester day was Sonic sundae and Ched 'r' peppers. Yummy.
I am the best dammn drafter in my tech II class. I am awesome.
I am also the teachers pet so it works out pretty well.
Shea, please post, shit man, you never post shit.
Alex just said for you to call her because she is always home due to the evil grounding.
History test on Friday.

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no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no [28 Mar 2004|12:59pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

So many VERY wrong things happened last night:
I was almost kissed by a 34 year old man. Thanks a lot Katie.
I always think that people are listening, but they don't really care, they just want to fuck.
I never saw the guy that gives me butterflies in my tummy. Or i saw him, but I was strong and didn't go into his bar or call when I got drunk.
I saw Adrian at Groove and he said something rude to me, like "oh you've upgraded"
I had to cry last night, because i am home sick for my family and sad about being alone.
The only way to really meet someone is if you're friends with them first.
I feel like Katie and Mark are always talking about me when I leave the room, is that concieted? I don't want to be a pawn that game. And you both know what I am talking about.
Last night was a night of reflection.
And that Justin guy seems stupid... I could be wrong I hardly talked to him, but he seemed nice enough. Cool house though, big rooms.
I miss Daniel.

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No maybe you should not take a bath! [27 Mar 2004|04:39pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I really like someone, but once again... asshole. Why am I attracted to assholes? Or maybe the correct question is WHY ARE ALL GUYS ASSHOLES? Thats whats really going on. Its not some evil trick someone is playing on me... its not me.... its them. Hes a very good looking asshole though. I think. First guy in CS that I really liked though. (Oh well)

Why does Katie know at least one person in each band? Thats cool.
Tonight- Rubberhead and Skylar Blue... be there or be (Imagine Uma making the square sign with her fingers)
Tuna makes my tummy hurt. Throw up.

Shea, Alex, work it out with the shirt.... shit. She wants it back... give it back please.

I don't think it wise that I drink tonight.... I suck at being drunk and nice and normal and tactful and saying the right things all at the same time.

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something about digging I don't know what the fuck we said last night. [26 Mar 2004|11:04am]
[ mood | awake ]

So much fun...
1. Cute guy that works at Mad Hatters got my number thanks the great Katie Kelly.
2. Odd Star Experiment and Sevenfold are fucking awesome.
3. I have a 3 day pass to Northgate Music Fest.
4. Katie and I will soon be working at Kyoto Sushi.
5. Shea saw Lil' Flip
6. I got to see Daniel last night
7. Cute boy called after he got of work, but it was 3:45, so i was sound asleep.
8. I didn't drink and I have not had so much fun EVER!
9. I like maknig lists.
10. The lead singer of both of those bands are cute and i got to talk to both of them. I'M A FUCKING GROOPY! okay, not really, but still.

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Hello, we're Hello. [25 Mar 2004|01:10pm]
[ mood | sleep deprived ]

I love Brighton Beach Memoirs. Neil Simon is a god.
I have a bunch of work to do over the next couple of weeks.
I hung out with Jon Stewart, Nathan Hutchins, Daniel Gammel and Doug Watts last night.

Shea, sorry about the drunk call, but I think Jon is in love with you, he made me. I had lots of fun though. And Doug bought me a taquito. Yummy, Whataburger.

Congratulations Alex, you skipped more than anyone I ever knew. Good work, you pulled it off!

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